Whilst you can have an inspiring, on-trend topic and presentation, and select a fantastic venue - If the audience on the day are not your true key target prospects, then your marketing campaign will not achieve the success you’re looking for!

Attendee acquisition is our speciality and we ensure that each guest not only meets your specified criteria, but are keen to engage with you and learn more of your products and services.

So, whether you're looking to meet with specific industry verticals or you work with a more open horizontal market, with our expertise we can assist in sourcing major prospects, influencers and decision makers from leading international companies and organisations.

With CxO’s often very time poor, the compelling nature of these events combined with a focus on an on-trend topic, means that they will be seen as “must attend” events rather than just another invitation to be ignored.

In hosting one of our executive events, not only are you able maximise your own leads, you also have the advantage of our own extensive research and ‘C’ level contacts for the world's leading companies - Allowing you to broaden your scope beyond your own prospects.

Attendee Acquisition

Industries & Sectors

Whether targeting existing markets or looking to expand into new sectors - We source and invite the well-known brands and companies your looking to meet

Company Size

This may be based on turnover, number of employees or other factors that differentiate your preferred targets

CxO & Senior Roles

From CEOs, CFOs and COO's to specialised roles, such as CHRO, CPO, CIO, CSO and CTO; you specify the managerial and 'C' suite decision makers you wish to engage with

Regional Focus

Irrespective of whether you're looking for country heads or executives with a more regional focus, we can assure you that they will be at your event

Attendee Numbers

Tell us how many prospects you wish to meet with? Events are typically for 8 - 30 attendees, plus your own team hosting the event

Social Media Integration

Let us have details of any social media campaigns you may be running, and we can incorporate these into the attendee acquisition process

Attendee Acquisition

You are encouraged to provide a "Wish List" of hot and priority prospects and then with your additional criteria, our professional team will research, identify and reach out to potential attendees, including those key accounts you may have issues trying to influence.

We administer the entire invitation and attendee process and provide you with regular updates of our progress. This includes attendee registration and initial introductions at the event - Ensuring that your only concern is the opportunity to capitalise on guest interaction.

As part of the process we supply contact details for each attendee; all of whom have agreed to us sharing their data with you as part of our on-line registration process – So you have no concerns over GDPR.

Event Enquiry

Please call +44 (0)20 3097 1936 to discuss your requirements or complete the event enquiry form
Event Enquiries