General Questions

Who can take advantage of CxO Helix?
We work with the majority of industry sectors, that offer either B2B services or products. Irrespective of whether you are looking to expand in existing markets or target new vertical or horizontal business segments, we can help.
Having a guest speaker from a prominent organisation and with expertise in your key note topic area, can prove positive for attracting attendees. However, it is not a necessary factor and from a marketing perspective, having one of your top customers present can also have many benefits.
We ask you to provide us with information including company logo, event title, key note topic and company introductions, and bio for any guest speaker. Coupled with your criteria of industry sectors and CxO categories or other roles that you wish to meet with. We also fully encourage you to provide a "Wish List" of those specific companies or individuals, that you want us to reach out to as a priority.
The event formats are completely flexible and can be modified to suit your presentation requirements, timings etc. When deciding on should you host a breakfast, lunch or dinner, factors such as country culture and the roles of prospective attendees need to be considered. We are always happy to advise on the best format for your particular target audience.
As a guide for events between 8 and 25 guests, we would generally recommend a ratio of 1 host (Client) company representative per 4-5 guests attending. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we can advise accordingly.
When engaging with senior roles at the high level of our events, attendees are not really interested in receiving masses of marketing materials. Typically, you are more likely to be planning a follow up call or meeting, so we would suggest keeping any information concise and also to have it available in both a paper and electronic format. A gift or goody bag can assist your company to stand out from the crowd - However, we would always suggest items of a novelty value or guests will find useful day to day.
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