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Guest Panel Sessions offer a unique platform, with which to engage your targeted audience and offer many potential benefits. They provide a fantastic opportunity for you to discuss trends, issues and strategies. Allowing you to demonstrate the solutions or services you offer, through existing clients and customers.

Via their experience and insights, the audience will learn and understand how you can resolve their most pressing challenges. Creating focused and positive dialogue for your brand engagement and assisting to add depth to your chosen subject. However, there a various negative pitfalls that should be avoided at all cost!

The “Gold Standard” of panel events is to get attendees involved in the first few minutes, as interaction is key in stimulating your audience.

As with our other events, we assist you to achieve this during our attendee acquisition program, so that you are aware of several key questions in advance. This way you are able to tailor the panels discussion, so it is as relevant and interesting to your audience as possible.

To maximise engagement, we suggest the panel should consist of 2 or 3 persons (to be secured by the client), with a diverse makeup from different backgrounds and hold a range of opinions.

Guest Panel Events
Guest Panel Events

Your choice of high calibre panellists is central to your events success, by ensuring that guests are keen to hear the views and opinions of leading influencers you will create a vibrant atmosphere.

Of equal importance to the panellists, is the need for a suitable moderator who can facilitate the conversation. It is essential that they are capable of enticing the audience with questions and live polls, and redirecting should the discussion get off topic.

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